Who needs it?

The studies on intravenous light therapy, ultraviolet blood irradiation and low level light therapy are summarized below. It is difficult see there is anyone who would not benefit from this treatment that has so much research behind it.

What are the benefits?

Red & infrared light benefits

  • Increases production of Nitric Oxide (NO)
  • Increases synthesis of collagen
  • Alleviate pain
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Improves immune function
  • Direct photon stimulation of cytochrome c production of ATP molecules
  • Improves growth factor secretion
  • Improves circulation and oxygen supply
  • Stimulates endothelial cell regeneration
  • Increases fibroblast proliferation
  • Speeds wound healing
  • Increases normal growth of muscle cells, bone cell and mucosal cells
  • Increases in ATP production in all tissues including brain - Increasing function of brain Na+, K+-ATPase which is all important in speed of thought
  • Greater healed wound strength
  • Minimizes scarring
  • Increases lymphatic circulation
  • Elevates levels of endorphins
  • Decreases oxidative stress
Green light benefits
  • Pain Reduction
  • Most effective wavelength for stimulating endothelial regeneration
  • Fastest wound healing when mixed with red light
  • Increases Nitric Oxide (NO) -
  • Increases Neuroregulin 1 - improves synaptic plasticity in the brain, cardiac structural maintenance and functional integrity of the heart, cardiomyocyte survival under stress, improvements in cardiac efficiency, decrease inflammatory cytokines, increases nitric oxide
  • Increases pigment epithelium-derived factor - anti-tumorigenic by inducing p53, a tumor suppressor gene and preventing cancer metastasis formation. It is also a neurotrophic - increasing growth, survival, and differentiation of brain cells
Ultraviolet light benefits
  • Reduction of tissue pain
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-infection effects - kills bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold, fungi, protozoa, PPLOs, & even prions
  • Heightens the body’s immune response
  • Improves circulation
  • Cardiovascular protection through increased metabolism of cholesterol, uric acid, and glucose
  • Improves the ability of red blood cells to be more flexible to pass through the smallest capillaries with less resistance
  • Improves the rheologic (flow) properties of the blood
  • Increased immune and pain tolerance to radiation or chemotherapy
  • Balancing effect (homeostasis)
  • Oxygenation of tissues
  • Stimulation for production of red blood cells
Add ons:
  • Ozone therapy to increase oxygenation and kill foreign invaders - bacteria, etc.
  • BEMER for increased capillary perfusion to increase light accessibility to tissues

When should I get it?

Whether for treatment of a health condition, improvement of your health or preparation for competition or personal best, anytime is the best time.

Price: $225

  • Our new price for our IVLT IV is $225.
  • IVLT package of 10 (15% discount) - $1912.

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