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Can Nutritional IVs help me?

The short answer: absolutely.

Whether you’re fighting a chronic disease, are an athlete performing at the highest level of competition, or anyone in between… Nutritional IV Therapy is the most effective way to get your body to absorb vital nutrients.

Often the biggest contributor to chronic disease is malnourishment. Americans are malnourished for various reasons. Some people eat a healthy diet, but their body simply cannot digest and absorb the nutrients. IV Nutrient Therapy provides nutrients directly to the cells where the nutrients are utilized.


75% of Americans have Micronutrient deficiencies that rob you of your health. Poor diet and absorption are the main cause. IV nutrients can maintain your health.


Nutrients specific to mitochondrial energy production are delivered directly & within minutes exceeding levels achievable by your GI absorption.


Certain nutrients clear the byproducts of exercise like lactic acid and oxidizers, while others increase your mitochondrial access & ATP precursors & storage.



Each IV can take anywhere from 30-120 minutes. See below for estimated time requirements. Everyone likes their IVs at a different pace. Please plan accordingly.

IV therapies

General treatments


  • The Ultimate Oxygen Therapy $15

    Our highly concentrated oxygen will help you breathe easy, have a clear head, and regain energy. 30 Minutes.

  • Hot Toddy $25

    Feel a cold coming on? Cough, sore throat, or runny nose? Jump-start your immune system to start fighting back! 15 Minutes.

  • The Booster $20

    Get energized with our Vitamin B12 injection!

  • The Shredder $45

    Help encourage your body to shed a few pounds with this injection.

Sometimes, nutrition from food isn't enough.

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