Who needs it?

Stressed out? Overworked? and Overwhelmed? Stress comes in many forms and significantly contributes to inflammation, oxidative stress, adrenal and chronic fatigue, heart disese, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, neurodegenerative disease, aging and early mortality among others. But from a right now, Quality of Life standpoint, who doesn't want to feel like the picture above?

What are the benefits?

  • Decrease stress reaction and feelings
  • Increase capacity to deal with stress
  • Relaxation & recovery leading to -
  • Increased energy & motivation
  • Reduced Sympathetic tone
  • Improved health & longevity
  • Add-On: Alpha-Stim to decrease stresses anxiety component

When should I get it?

When you feel overwhelmed, stressed, the need to disconnect or mentally tired. Some people feel stress acutely while others don't feel stress at all (but your friends, family and significant other can tell you, if they haven't already). If you don't know whether you are stressed, take an inventory of your emotions, thoughts, behavior, work, health, family, personal and social life or ask a friend, significant other or co-worker.

Price: $145

Our new price for this 45 minute IV treatment is $145.‚Äč

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