Who needs it?

Drained, fatigued, long work-weeks, wedding planning or Jet-lagged? This formula will provide a quick boost of energy with long lasting effects. You will have more energy for the upcoming week whether it will be for another tough work week, enjoying your bachelor/ette party and wedding or vacation/honeymoon.

What are the benefits?

  • Increased energy
  • Decreased recovery time
  • More motivation to meet your oncoming challenges
  • Greater capacity to enjoy the activities of playtime

When should I get it?

  • Whenever you want or need more energy and motivation to better enjoy your work time and play time
  • When you work hard and play hard, but get tired around the edges
  • When you are dragging through your daily grind
  • When you are involved in intense planning
  • When planning a wedding and not sure you can get it all done
  • When you are jet-lagged
  • Before heading for a wedding, vacation, honeymoon, weekend getaway, or that blow-out party or gig
  • When you just need an energy boost this VI is for you

New Introductory Price: $145

Our price for this 45 minuyr IV is $145.

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