Performance by the numbers.

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Only 23.1% of Americans met physical activity recommendations between

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25% of deaths in the United States are caused by cardiovascular issues. It’s the leading cause of death for both men and women.

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physical distress

11.7% represents the percentage
of the population experiencing persistent and likely
severe physical health problems.

Statistically, you probably feel like this.


Poor Nutrition

These figures are no surprise. The “Standard American Diet” aka SAD, is to blame. We are bombarded with advertisements and pressures to fall into specific social norms when it comes to diet.

Soda, chips, and fast food industries know that food and drink can be addictive. How so? Many foods available today are packed with sugar and sodium. We are wired to specifically crave certain things about our food, but these offerings have unhealthy amounts of these specific ingredients.

The result? Our bodies will store these in the form of fat. Not only that, the nutrients consumed are not of good quality, and don’t actually give us what we want from our foods… energy.

Less Performance

Sugar is a vital part of our diet. Everyone needs a certain amount of sugar to be healthy. Sugars are found naturally in many fruits and vegetables.

That said, when we consume too much for our body to process, and consume “empty calories” as it’s now called, Americans are feeling lethargic, tired, stressed, sick, and unable to perform their daily routine.

Energy is something we all take for granted, but we rely on having enough energy every day of our lives. At Vital Solutions IV Nutrition, we’re committed to giving your energy levels a boost, by taking a load off your digestive system, and giving your body vital, essential nutrients that your body is naturally designed to process.

Start performing better, today.

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