Who needs it?

Whether for infections, health issues, maintaining your health, or performance, the benefits of ozone are both great and diverse. Read the benefits list below to see if this treatment is for you. If you have questions call our office.

What are the benefits?

  • Inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa
  • Stimulation of your oxygen metabolism
  • Activation of your immune system
  • Stimulates production of ATP - increasing energy and health
  • Turns on your antioxidant genes - via Nrf2, which significantly increases the levels of SOD, CAT, GSH, GSTr & GSHPx and induction of NQO1, HO-1 and HSP70 and reduces MDA (malondialdehyde)
  • Enhances the release of growth factors
  • Is anti-inflammatory & turns on anti-inflammatory genes & turns off inflammatory genes, also a result of Nrf2 activation, inhibition of NFκB & induction of leukotriene B4 reductase
  • Effective pain control
  • Slows the aging process
  • Changes the NAD+/NADH ratio toward NAD+ - this is a powerful signalling molecule many & profound anti-aging and health promoting benefits
  • Improves detoxification by upregulating phase II enzymes
  • Improves cellular metabolism
  • Improves circulation and oxygen supply delivery in ischemic tissue owing to NO, CO, and increase levels of intra-erythrocytic 2, 3-DPG.
  • Increases healing of wounds
  • Procures a surprising wellness in most patients, probably via the stimulation of the neuroendocrine system
  • Activates neuroprotective systems
  • Inhibition of NFκB & activation of Nrf2 are important targets for the prevention and treatment of cancer
  • Protection from cell death (apoptosis) secondary to higher Nrf2
  • Increases recognizing, repairing, and removing damaged proteins
  • Increasing DNA repair activity with increased Nrf2
  • Ozone is often paired with UBI and Chicken Soup (modified Myers) IV for their synergistic effects
  • Add on - UBI for its increased infection fighting and other benefits
  • Add on - Chicken Soup IV
  • Add on - BEMER for increased blood flow to your tissues

When should I get it?

If you think you will benefit from this treatment, you likely will. Do an online search to see all of the benefits ozone can provide as they are too many to list. Schedule now.

Price: $50

  • Our new price for Ozone IV is $50.
  • Ozone package of 10 (15% discount) - $425. Call to schedule
  • Ozone + UBI - $200. Call to schedule
  • Ozone + UBI package of 10 (15% discount) - $1700. Call to schedule.
  • Ozone + UBI + Chicken Soup - $250. Call to Schedule.
  • Ozone + UBI + Chicken Soup package of 10 (15% discount) - $2125. Call to schedule.
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